On The Move. In Motion. Moving!

As you may have guessed. I’m moving today. Moving is a fairly easy, and straight forward thing for most. You put things in boxes and then those boxes in a vehicle and then bring that vehicle to where you’re now paying rent. and so on. Most people around me don’t quite understand the magnitude.

A long time ago now, probably around 2010, my mom got married. A vast majority of the population seems emotionally fit to know what they need and want and know how to pick a decent person with whom they solely copulate… to put it as mechanically as possible.

Not in this case. I’m not usually one to spout hate. but this man is a close-minded, violent, angry, jealous, and mentally abusive (sometimes physically abusive) person…

In my cell phone, he is “Der Keine Scheiße.” (German for The little shit) previously its been “Crap spackled shit pot of a human being” until he called my phone one day looking for it and well… saw it.

Because of this man, my dog is blind in one eye. Ever since the day he came to live in mine and my mothers’ sacred space, I have been trying to escape.

I’ve lived on my own before. a few months at a time. Usually until my roommate and I had a falling out or I was broken up with. but not like this. This time, it’s supposed to be it. moving out for good. I’ll be managing, and building my life according to my wants and needs, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m moving and it’s a big day because I’m moving out of an abusive home that’s bad for myself and my dog.

If it ever is requested I’ll delve deeper into my crap. For now, I’M MOVING!!!


Stay cozy sweet peas.




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