Ramble: The Politics OF Middle Earth?

[Warning: Unstructured content, english majors beware]

I’m a bit of a nerd. I’ve probably spend more time dreaming about the hobbit life than I have doing anything productive. but this has given me lots of opportunity to observe what politics might be like in middle earth.

There are many different places in middle earth, home to many different breed of hominoid. and everything seems to be going well for the most part, at least from the readers/watchers perspective… Until of course, a horrible necromancer pours all his hatred and malice into the one ring that he then uses to try to make middle earth great again… You might be catching on to the topic here. If not, let me… sort of…elaborate…

Yes there is hatred in middle earth between its inhabitants… middle earth is not a perfect place. however it IS damn near close to a perfect little corner of the world. Each race has its specialty and each race has its faults, but these are all recognized and sure some characters like Thranduil and Thorin are a bit salty about things, they get past it. Why do they get past it? because there’s a greater evil that needs defeating come LOTR when a certain One Ring reappears….

Salty Kings aside, you get where I’m going? IF WE JUST LET SAURON REIGN YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN?



Anyways, I apologize for the rambling post, I hope it made some sense.

Stay cozy little elves..



One thought on “Ramble: The Politics OF Middle Earth?

  1. Such a great analogy. Kind of like a meme I saw during the election that said “Just because Gandalf does some morally grey things, doesn’t mean you vote for Sauron” or something like that. There have also been comparisons to Voldemort and Darth Vader.


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